The Practical Joker

    Aides Haila was born on Loia, in the League of United Planets. He spent a lot of his youth touring the planet, and other worlds, with his military family. His life wasn't easy, and the strangely attractive boy learned to cope with his troubles by entertaining those around him. Any of the settlers would vouch for his amazing ability to quickly dance around the subject, literally ;), or escape sticky situations with a lightening wit and a sublime...bitchiness. Aides' humor, while often funny, wasn't nice. He tended toward the wicked, actually. The main reason he even joined the group was to create a race of people almost exactly like him, not to entertain him, but to play "practical jokes" on his interplanetary neighbors. They did. One of the most famous of his schemes was upon Neptune Torrle. It involved Meseha finally uttering his first real word. Torrle was ecstatic, until he found out that it was a joke. Then, instead of taking it out on Aides, the antagonist, he launched attacks against his brother.
Aides took the ninth planet just to be the rebel of the group. It was unfortunate for him that when his planet began to die, he'd alienated or angered all of the other rulers, save Iren and Gaea. Knowing Gaea would never allow him onto her planet, though she was strangely fond of him, he turned to Iren. In exchange for refuge, he agreed to target only Iren's enemies with his twisted sense of humor. For many millennia Aides entertained Iren on Jupiter, and he was tired of being the jester just in time for Iren to call him up for a serious duty. The destruction of The Eternal Defenders...

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Name: Aides Pluto Haila

Sex: Male

Race: Monoti-Puo (They have a single horn in the center of their heads, typically black, as in night sky black, skin, and red or pinkish eyes)

Born: Riso 1 (1st month of LUP's 13 month calendar) in Olsian, on Loia, LUP.

Age: 24 (at time of departure)

Height: 5'11" (horn adds over 8")

Hair Color: He has tufts of pale grayish hair atop his head.

Eye Color: Bright, gleaming red.

Appearance: Aides generally wears an uniform that resembles a wet suit, is always a dark color (black, purple, or navy blue) and never covers his hands past the wrists (gloves are a no-no). His eyes are very large, and he often looks surprised. He loves to talk, yell, sing, etc, and his mouth is, more often than not, open. Aides also wears pointed, elf-like shoes on his feet. Around the base of his horn he sports the Life/Soul crystal from his planet on a "horn ring". The other important thing about Aides' appearance is that, in addition to being incredibly innocuous looking in general, he can at times appear to be pure evil.

Weapons: Aides carries a weapon, called a "puo-tatin" which is a "E" shaped boomerang/dagger. His most powerful version, which he has nicknamed "Puta", has his 3 remaining crystals upon it.

Attacks: "Life (insert creature name here)", typically anything the girls can throw at him he can reproduce with a bit of trial & error.

Talisman: Aides isn't a very nolestalegic.

Favorite Color: Anything Dark

Favorite Food: Noodles in Cream Sauce

Likes: Practical Jokes, Dancing

Dislikes: Defeat, Fruit, People who lack sense of humor

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