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    Gelbin was born on Urus of LUP. His childhood is little remembered as it was long ago. He grew up among his people, the Uranai, a line of wisemen (and women). No work or labor was required of the Uranai as all products and services they needed they were provided with as payment for their presence at various places. Gelbin's father, Rokoben was advisor to the governor of Loia, where the Headquarters of LUP was located. Gelbin grew up at his father's side and when Rokoben died Gelbin was named chief advisor to the new governor, Iren Kenedias. Gelbin had become very respected among both the Loia populus and the Kenedias family. When Iren asked of him whether or not it was an intelligent decision to join the expedition Gelbin lied, telling him that it was. Jupisa insisted on Gelbin's joining the group as well and he was not adverse to the idea. Tristan, Iren's son, and his lovely girlfriend, Gaea, had spent many a night discussing politics and philosophy with Gelbin. He was entirely fond of both, considering Gaea to be the daughter he had never been blessed with. Gelbin was given the seventh planet in order to keep him somewhat close to Iren's world without allowing him contact with Gaea. During the course of The Eternal Defenders; Unite in Honor Gelbin comes to know and love another the in same manner he loved Gaea, the girl is named Teya Litke.

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Name: Gelbin of the Uranai
Sex: Male
Born: Polan 20 (4th of 13 months)
Age: Unknown
Race: Uranai (they are an ancient race who have harnessed a rare, strange jewels powers to see into the murky future).
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Glowing yellow
Appearance: Gelbin wears a dark gray robe for daily occasions. It shrouds his ancient face and his entire body, save his craggy hands. For formal events his robe is a decorated black velvet. His voice is low and sounds almost moan-like. His entire race is also vegetarian.
Weapons: None, per se, he does however wear a bracelet that contains the four dead crystals that once sustained his planet. Gelbin also carries a crooked wooden cane, the front of which bears his "orb" a round piece of the Urus jewel that allows the Uranai to see the future.
Talisman: Gelbin has his father's necklace which was turned over to him following Rokoben's death & Gelbin's appointment to Governor's Advisor.
Favorite Color: Pale Brown
Favorite Food: Uranai Lopokin (steamed rice with vegetables)
Likes: Being alive, helping people, Gaea & Tey
Dislikes: Iren's motives, being trapped
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