Tristan Kenedias
The Prince

    Tristan grew up in Kryss, on Loia. His parents were fairly attentive, he had the best whenever possible, and he had good friends; Merkus Faragon, Venus Bati, and Humin Gaea. In fact, he and Gaea began dating during their first year at Kryss University and when their mutual friend, Merkus, proposed the idea of forming a new galaxy, both thought the idea was intriguing. But neither followed up on the opportunity until it came to Tristan's attention that his parent's had signed up, and were taking him to rid him of Gaea's influence. Iren & Jupisa hated Gaea and the affect she'd had on their son. No longer was he the quiet obediant boy who had time for nothing but studying and practicing. Tristan told Gaea of their imminent separation and she surprised him, saying that she and Bati had joined up as well.
But when the experiments were concluded aboard the mother ship, each of the nine capsules was launched and Tristan was separated from his friends, and Gaea. During the early years upon Jupiter, Tristan spent much time in amongst the villagers, and made several close friends. One of these friends, a man named Riko, had a beautiful sister who went by the name Reiya. With Gaea in his heart, Tristan dated Reiya for several years. But as his friends aged, and he did not...things changed. Reiya broke it off with him to marry a stable, well-off man her parent's had chosen to ensure grandchildren. Eventually, Reiya and Riko grew old, and died, as did their children...and their grandchildren...and so on. Tristan can no longer stand being around the villagers, it is too painful for him. After all of these eons, the only woman he wants in his life is Gaea. Now he has a chance to meet her again, but can he break the bonds his parents have constrained him with for all these years?

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Name: Tristan Kenedias

Sex: Male

Race: Antan (very humanoid, though often extremely tall with strange hair/eye colors).

Born: Esa 8th (13th of 13 months)

Age: 20 (at time of departure)

Height: 6'6"

Hair Color: Jet Black

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Appearance: Tristan wears the traditional uniform of Jupiter, as designed by his parents. It resembles the military dress uniform of the LUP. When not in the navy blue suits, Tristan goes for comfort; jeans, loose shirts. His hair is a bit too shaggy for his mother's tastes, she likes young men to wear their hair short and clean (as they do in the military), but she puts up with it because technically, Tristan is a couple of billion years old, which puts him in the same class as his father Iren, and the typical fashion for older Antan males is a long mane of hair. Tristan's sweet blue eyes are often clouded with sorrow, he been alone far too long.

Weapons: He posesses an armband which bears the Flora/Terrain crystal and a ring witht he Wind/Water jewel. Tristan is also proficient with knives, thanks to training from Malinai Mars.

Attacks: His attacks are much like Rowena, and Grace's. He usually attacks physically.

Talisman: The feather Gaea gave him when they parted or the golden earring that has been passed down from generation of Kenedias' men.

Favorite Color: Dark Blue

Favorite Food: Sweet Bread, toasted with Butter melted on top

Likes: Ancient Mythology, Gaea, and Televison for the purpose of entertainment :)

Dislikes: His parent's rule, being away from his friends

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