Ahh, the Red Dwarf sector of Sweet Tangerine's Garden. It hasn't evolved, but it has survived =) The full summaries (chock full o'spoilers) of Series VIII were written the day I watched the episodes and have not changed much since, but enjoy them anyway. Also, the premise blurb I wrote to tell a friend about the show is at the end of this page.
Episode 1: Back In The Red, Part One
Episode 2: Back In The Red, Part Two
Episode 3: Back In The Red, Part Three
Episode 4: Cassandra
Episode 5: Krytie TV
Episode 6: Pete, Part One
Episode 7: Pete, Part Two
Episode 8: Only The Good

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    A sci-fi comedy is a terrible idea? Fans of Red Dwarf, a British show of that nature would disagree strongly. The premise started out simply enough; guy meets cat, guy brings unquarantined cat aboard the ship upon which he works, cat gets detected, guy chooses stasis instead of giving up his pet...but wait there's more! While the guy is in stasis, a poorly repaired drive plate exposes the entire crew to Cadmium-2, killing them. Three million years later, with an outstanding library book and all, the guy is revived...the last living human being. Ooooh...now, the ship's computer brought a fellow crew member back as a Hologram, in order to keep the guy sane. Unfortunately, the two never got along in the past. The only other survivor? The guy's cat, who was pregnant three million years ago, was sealed safely away from the Cadmium release and bred inside the ship for all that time. Only one of the cat race remains, a humanoid descended of the original feline. Yeah, 3 guys alone in space, with no one to- Wait. No one? Yeah right, what kind of a show has no special guests? Eventually, the guy, Dave Lister; the Hologram, Arnold Rimmer; the feline, Cat; and the computer, Holly, are joined by a slightly odd Android, Kryten, and Lister's old flame, Khristine Kochanski, who was nice enough to drop by from a parallel universe.
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